Dear Customers,

Aequus Solutions provides reliable solutions for the calibration, testing and maintenance of industrial and medical measurements instrumentation. 

Our founders set out to create a business that is run with the highest levels of integrity and accuracy. Over time, the Aequus brand has been synonymously associated by our customers with Trust. A belief that with every certificate of calibration issued, the equipment have already been thoroughly tested, meticulously measured and calculated to ensure that our customers measurement instrumentation are providing the right accuracy readings required for their applications.

Aequus Solutions Calibration Servicei s accredited by Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) with reg. number LK-054-IDN for Cikarang (Headquarter), and LK-194-IDN for Surabaya (branch). Our calibration service scope covers industrial as well as medical instrumentation – customers in the field of automotive, electronics, agriculture, food and beverages, consumer’s goods, aeroplane, mining, power plants, construction, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, laboratories, and any field where instrumentation and measurement are an integral part of the quality assurance of their product or service.

Aequus Solution’s Medical X-Ray Compliance Test service provides reliable test and inspection for Medical X-Ray devices. Registered by BAPETEN, it complies with Government Regulation no. 33/2007, Radiation Safety and Security of Radioactive Source Art. 40, as we help our customers to guarantee the feasibility of their X-Ray devices.

Aequus Solutions as an Authorized Distributor of Sylvac of Switzerland, offers our customers state of the art dimensional measuring equipment. We understand the need for high accuracy and high productivity in our customers’ factories where reliable measurements are mandatory for the quality of their products or services. By combining the measurement process with reliable measurement systems in our customers’ production lines, we are able to bring customized, innovative solutions to meet these demands of high quality assurance and accuracy.

Aequus Solutions Engineering Services provides solutions to our customers by design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures, as well as automation production and equipment service/repair.  

At Aequus our vision is clear: We aspire to be a company that is fully committed to our customer’s satisfaction with a dynamic and professional team of total solution providers. Our Mission is to help our customers improve their quality standards with the highest integrity.

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Sincerely yours,

Supra Hatmara

President Director

Our Quality Policy


In running the company’s operations and realize the mission to help customers improve their quality standards, PT. Mandiri Transforma Global (Aequus Solutions) always implements the company’s three core values, namely :

Solutions – Service – Satisfaction

For this reason, PT. Mandiri Transforma Global strives to provide the best quality services in a manner:

  • Full commitment to the best quality through active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership
  • Implementing a quality management system in accordance with ISO/SNI 17025:2017 and legal regulations in providing calibration services
  • Commitment to standards, legal regulations and customer requirements are the purpose and obligation of each personnel
  • Become a solution provider for co-workers and customers, provide high quality services, and ensure that customer satisfaction can be realized
  • Quality is measured by facts, figures key performance indicators
  • Running company operations by taking into account the aspects of safety, health and environment

This quality policy is binding on all company personnel and parties related to PT. Mandiri Transforma Global and communicated openly

Mahmud Aripin

Quality Management Representative